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Study Permit

1. Application

ST1: Application for a residence and work permit for students

Please note that the educational institution in Denmark begins the application process by filling in one part of the form before forwarding it to the applicant. 

Additional documentation for students

Students at folk high schools, at basic or youth education programmes as well as students, who do not pay tuition fees, have to document sufficient financial means, which is DKK 50,000. The maintenance amount must be substantiated by opening an account with a Danish or European bank in the name of the applicant.

2. How to open a Danish bank account:

1. To open a Danish bank account you should send an email to the bank you wish to contact.

2. You will then receive an email containing the following documents:

  • Account Opening Request
  • A letter containing the guidelines for opening a bank account in Denmark
  • A letter informing you of the general rules for agreements between you and the bank

3. As outlined in the guidelines from the bank, you must send a letter to the bank containing the following documents:

  • Account Opening Request (filled in, duly signed and verified by a Financial institution, Embassy/Consulate or Notary Public/Solicitor)
  • Copy of your passport (verified by a financial institution, Embassy/Consulate or Notary Public/Solicitor)
  • A copy of the admission letter from the Danish educational institution at which you are planning to study (verified by a financial institution, Embassy/Consulate or Notary Public/Solicitor
    The documents should be posted to the relevant bank in Denmark. 

4. When the bank has received the above mentioned documents, they will open your account.
You are then able to transfer min. 50.000 DKK, but your account will be blocked until you are in Denmark and have received your Danish Tax Registration (CPR-number).

3. Financial Help and Scholarships

The Danish Embassy does not provide financial help nor scholarships to Bangladeshi students travelling to Denmark for study or research purpose.
Please go to Study In Denmark for further information on official opportunities in Denmark.

Jobs for international students, click

4. Agents

The Danish Embassy does not endorse agents. The Danish Embassy has no formal policy of cooperation with agents. All necessary information is available on the website. Students, who wish to apply, may find information on . New agreement on the Danish alien policy.

5. Students

The new agreement will include further screening against a set of uniform rules to determine study activity; and to strengthen the system as far as possible to avoid abuse of study permits. The policy will remain focused on efforts to control immigration with respect to aliens who have residence permits in order to study in Denmark. Immigration authorities will regularly carry out checks on the basis of these reports.

The new agreement will include coordinating the records of public authorities' registers with the records of the immigration authorities to strengthen our controls.