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I want to apply for a visa to study in Denmark and would like information on studies in Denmark

Kindly visit the website of the Danish Immigration Services on this link: and you can also google "Studies in Denmark" and you will be able to find information on which various Danish international colleges offer tuition.
You can apply online for a student visa on the following webpage:

I have submitted an application for a residence permit and I would like to know the decision

It is the Danish Agency for Recruitment and Integration (SIRI) that takes the final decision on applications for residence permits and not the Embassy. Therefore we cannot tell you when the decision will be made. Once we receive any update from SIRI we will let you know.

I would like my marriage certificate verified What is the procedure

The process is as follows: For us to verify a document you need the document verified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) in Dhaka first, based on that we can make our verification.

To submit the document: Please call the Embassy: +880 (2) 5566 8900 and make an appointment. We can do the attestation within a week. Please note that the verification done by MoFA must not be older than three months. Please also note that the Embassy verifies the signature of the MoFA officer in question, and not the contents of the document.

Embassy opening hours are: Sunday-Wednesday 08:00-15:30, Thursday 08:00-15:00. You need to let us know who is coming with the documents (full name) for security purposes. After handing in the documents it will take the Embassy a few days, following which we will contact you.

I want to study in Norway and I would like to know what I should do

You need to apply for a student visa for Norway via VFS. You can read more about the procedure, requirements etc. on the following website:
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