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Market Challenges


The bureaucracy can be quite cumbersome, and it may take a while to obtain the necessary approvals/documentation.


The infrastructure may not be sufficiently developed both in terms of physically transport and in terms of sufficient access to energy and gas.

Anti Corruption

Corruption can be a serious deterrent for setting up and doing business within the country. The Embassy offers counselling and simple tools to avoid corruption and reduce risks of doing business in Bangladesh.
The corruption agenda has become more and more visible in Bangladesh but a number of initiatives to curb corruption had been taken with success.

For Bangladesh’s position in the international corruption indexes see link to Transparency International .  

Experience shows that knowledge and systematic risk management can prevent many of the corruption demands that Danish companies are exposed to. The Embassy of Denmark in Dhaka can e.g. help with the following anti-corruption tasks:

  • Information about particularly exposed markets, sectors, and regions
  • Risk assessment on the basis of the company’s present and potential market situation
  • Assistance concerning identification and preliminary screening of agents, consultants, and distributors
  • Help with preparation of contracts in which anti-corruption is incorporated
  • Guidance concerning public offerings
  • Access to a network of local organizations dealing with corruption issues
  • Information about relevant national and international anti-corruption legislation
  • Assistance in relation to public authorities

You can find further information about how companies can avoid corruption at the anti-corruption portal. You can also find information on laws and guidelines on corruption at the web page of the Danish Ministry of Justice.

All Trade Council employees at representations abroad as well as in Copenhagen are obligated to report any knowledge of Danish companies involved in bribery.