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Support to start Commercial Activities in Bangladesh

The Trade Council helps Danish companies in several ways to start their commercial activities in Bangladesh. The services can be customized depending on the need of the Danish company.

In case of small companies, the cost of entering a market can be significant. To overcome this challenge The Trade Council has subsidized programmes for small and medium sized Danish companies to assist with researching the potential of their product in the market abroad.

All Danish companies can avail the services of The Trade Council. The specific facilities applicable for 2020 for availing the services are:

1. 15 hours of free services for assistance directly related to COVID19.
2. 5 hours of free service that can be used for market information or any other assistance required.
3. Hourly rate for assignments is greatly reduced to DKK 500 for all Danish companies.
4. Companies which are SMEs, can avail a further 50% discount.

All Danish companies will now receive increased support for Export Promotion during Covid-19.

There are now task forces that will actively seek out SMEs, helping them to new market and project openings around the world. They will also work in the trade policy track to promote measures that support open markets, trade facilitation, diversification of global and sustainable supply and value chains, as well as strengthening the WTO and fair-trade rules. The following services have been suspended until further notice:

The Export Sparring or Saving 
Strategic Business Alliances program

Besides The Trade Council, the Investment Fund for Developing Countries (IFU) has Support for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises to promote and partially support small and medium-sized enterprises’ investments in developing countries. Through this fund, Danish small and medium-sized enterprises can obtain financial support for preparation and start of projects in developing countries.

Moreover, IFU is the fund manager for Danish Climate Investment Fund (KIF). KIF offers risk capital and advice for climate investments in developing countries and emerging markets in Asia, Africa, Latin America and parts of Europe.

The Danish Agribusiness Fund (DAF), also managed by IFU, provides capital and advisory services. It provides risk capital for agriculture and food projects in developing countries and emerging markets in Asia, Africa, Latin America and parts of Europe.

For other support mechanisms and general good advice on exporting to Bangladesh and other countries, we advise you to consult "The Trade Council"(in Danish only) here.

How to get support?

Please contact Ali Mushtaq Butt (Commercial Counsellor - Trade and Danida Business) to get assistance or more information about the programs, facilities and services.