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Information about The Trade Council

Welcome to the commercial section of the Embassy of Denmark, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

• Bangladesh is among the seven ‘hottest’ emerging markets - Investors Chronicle
• Bangladesh is named as one of the ‘Frontier Five’ - JP Morgan.
• Bangladesh is included in the ‘next 11 countries to watch’ - Goldman Sachs

The commercial staff at the Danish Embassy in Dhaka stands ready to assist you on the Bangladeshi market.

We promote trade and investment between Denmark and Bangladesh. We assist Danish exporters and investors in their business activities in Bangladesh.

The Danish Embassy in Dhaka has been present in Bangladesh for almost 40 years as one of the lead donors giving Denmark an outstanding reputation. The Embassy has built an extensive local network and gained a vast experience in understanding the local market and the political developments in the country, giving the commercial section a great advantage when approaching private companies as well as public institutions in Bangladesh.

Below you will find an overview of the wide range of services and assistance that The Trade Council can offer.

We hope that the information will be useful for you and we are looking forward to a future cooperation. Do not hesitate to contact our commercial section should you have any questions or comments.

◾Sector Briefs
◾Market Evaluations  
◾Partner/Customer Search and Contact
◾Stakeholder Identification
◾Tariff and Non-tariff Barriers
◾Assistance in making business visits to Bangladesh
◾Global public affairs

Other services

Among other services offered are:

• Monitoring and reporting on specific market aspects
• Sourcing/procurement assistance
• Investment identification
• Organization and support to company events
• Recruitment
• Tailor made CSR counselling

The Trade Council and the Danish Embassy in Dhaka offer Danish companies tailor made counselling on CSR in Bangladesh. The counselling is suited to the specific needs of companies and may include:

• Overview of regional CSR challenges within the relevant business area or sector
• CSR screening and information on potential partners and suppliers in the field of CSR
• Assessment of current CSR practices and recommendations on new or improved practices
• Assistance in the production of Code of Conducts and development of business standards
• Identification of stakeholders in regard to CSR and assistance in stakeholder dialogue
• Fundamental HR (Human Resources) in international joint ventures
• Design and management of CSR initiatives in the local community
• Use of CSR in branding and marketing
• The CSR counselling is often suitable as a component of other assignments conducted by the Trade Council such as market research



Winnie Estrup Petersen


Jacob Kahl Jepsen 
Commercial Counsellor


Samina Ahsan
Sr. Trade Advisor


Saadia Taufiq
Trade Advisor


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