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Webinar organized on use of lean manufacturing tools to integrate productivity and health and safety inprovements

Securing manufacturing industries as competitive in a sustainable future is more important than ever after the COVID 19 crisis.

University of Southern Denmark (SDU) and the Embassy of Denmark in Bangladesh jointly organised a webinar on 20 August on the increased productivity through lean manufacturing and occupational health and safety improvements.

A practical research on the Read Made Garments industry, funded by DANIDA, have some key findings on measures that can make the Bangladeshi RMG-industry more profitable, more diverse and more sustainable. The success of factories using lean manufacturing tools is overwhelming, but there is also a good reason why not all factories are equally successful.

"With the strong possible benefits, it is a mystery why only few RMG factories take a strong interest in this type of integrated lean implementation. There are probably several reasons for this situation. Most factories do what they are used to do - it has worked out so far, the factories lack qualified staff to push forward..." is one excerpt illustrating the challenges. Many more developments were discussed as a part of this webinar.

The research further shows the need for more collaboration between factories and universities to lead the way for long-term improvements and impact.

To read more, please click on the links below:

Policy brief
Lean OHS Power point 1
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