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New issue of Focus Denmark


The new issue of Focus Denmark is available now, and in this number you can read about how trust is a vital part of Danish economy, and how the belief in other people is the key to a strong economy. People in Denmark are among the world’s most trusting of people they do not know. This high level of trust is a cornerstone of the Danish welfare society, business world and economy.

This issue also offers insight into the new ground-breaking analysis from the Danish financial institute Nordea that shows how sustainability increases a company’s market value. The analysis shows a surprisingly clear correlation between companies’ with a high ESG rating – an assessment of how they manage environmental, social and governance risks – and their equity returns.

In the special rapport, Focus Denmark focuses on how Danish companies and public authorities are striving to tackle the challenges of population growth and climate change, by using new and innovative technology. Intelligent solutions hold the power to improve sustainability and efficiency by collecting and analyzing data from physical environment and inhabitants. Among the initiatives is digitally controlling the energy in buildings according to real-time needs assessment, thereby minimizing waste.

Focus Denmark also take a look at the filmmakers of the Danish Dogma- movement, and how they were trying to give Danish cinema a new and honest face, by forcing a unique artistic expression  by establishing rules, limitations and obstacles.

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