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Nordic Green Growth trade delegation on May 19-23

From May 19-23, the Danish and Swedish embassies in Bangladesh will be hosting a Nordic trade delegation on green growth. 20 Danish companies, 1 Swedish company and an investment fund are going to attend the delegation, and they will be looking to form partnerships with local Bangladeshi companies. The Danish and Swedish embassies will be sponsoring a matchmaking session where the Nordic and Bangladeshi companies can have quick meetings in order to find out how to establish a profitable business relationship.

The Nordic companies that will be part of the delegation are:

Five companies have expertise in various forms of energy efficiency and sustainable design and seek local partners to share technology and know-how with:

HJ Hansen processes and refines recyclable materials and turns them into marketable products.

Arctiko is a supplier of cooling systems that reduce the energy consumption by up to 40-50%, and has experience with the medicinal industry especially.

DESMI Contracting develops and implements energy and environmental improvements, e.g. handling waste and generating electricity from water or solar power.

Nytech Isolering offers insulation and sheathing to conserve energy.

Grontmij, an engineering and management consultancy company which is already active in Bangladesh seeks to build more relationships with local companies.

Liqtech, Aquagain and ecoBETA have expertise in water treatment, handling of wastewater and water conservation solutions. They are looking for local partners to share their technology and know-how with.

Renew Energy is an engineering company that consults on bioenergy.

KWS Scandinavia has extensive knowledge of crop production and sustainable agriculture, and is especially interested in sugar beet production in Bangladesh.

Two companies have expertise in the development of maritime equipment:

Comet Trawl manufactures trawl equipment and nets to optimize the fish catching process, and TSR Electronics installs and maintains maritime electronic equipment to optimize communication, navigation, and fish finding.

The 9 others have expertise in varied areas:

Dancutter supplies pipe systems, especially sewer pipes, and seeks to transfer know-how to Bangladeshi sewer companies to ensure safe and environmental work conditions.

SerEnergy manufactures Fuel Cell systems that are competitive on installations where the average power consumption is less than 5kW, and is looking for a local specialist company or telecom workers to provide localized service and man customer support offices.

Universal Color & Chemical offers environmentally safe water-based technology for printing on textiles and is looking for a local company to print under modern and safe conditions.

Leif Koch AS is an expert in leak detection technology and is looking to partner up with Bangladeshi institutions to transfer knowledge within this field.

Thomsen & Fals offers solutions within the maintenance and construction industry, e.g. ventilation, plumbing, electricity, sheet metal and renewable energy solutions.

Migatronic produces welding machines and accessories for the welding trade, and Øsløs Maskinfabrik produces stainless steel containers for the energy efficient storage and transportation of food. They are both looking for local partners in the steel industry.

Bestnet produces long-lasting insecticide-incorporated mosquito nets, a line of modular solar products that deliver sustainable light and enhance connectivity, and lifeshelters to eliminate the use of tent-houses that often end up as waste.

Flexenclosure is a developer of energy efficient power management solutions and modular data centers and operates in the ICT industry.

IFU – Investment Fund for Developing Countries is a Danish government-owned development finance institution which advises and invests with Danish companies in emerging markets.

Any Bangladeshi company that would like to attend should contact the Royal Danish Embassy by email to Farah Zabeen,, Tasmim Z Anwar, Rikke Haurvig Nielsen, or Jonas Lundberg Hansen, You may also call the embassy: +880 (2) 882 2499 (ext. 230,234)

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