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Launch of Report on CSR in Bangladesh 2014 - Sustainability for a Better Future

On May 11, the Danish Ambassador, Hanne Fugl Eskjær, attended the launching ceremony for the "Report on CSR in Bangladesh 2014 – Sustainability for a Better Future" to show Denmark’s support to Bangladesh in evolving good CSR practises. 

The report is conducted by the CSR Centre, Bangladesh and portrays the current CSR practices in Bangladesh. The report focuses on good CSR practices in the private sector across all major areas and serves as an example of what is possible for companies in Bangladesh.

In the panel were also Chief Guest Dr. Atiur Rahman, Governor of Bangladesh Bank, the Ambassadors from Norway and Sweden, the Head of the EU delegation and the MD & Chief Executive Officer of The City Bank Limited. The panellists were optimistic about the future of CSR in Bangladesh but acknowledged that there are challenges in implementing CSR. Private organisations, the state, the private sector and development partners were all committed to develop good CSR practices in Bangladesh.

The report, along with voices from the private sector, stresses that it is necessary to develop a professional set of guidelines to provide the businesses and civil societies with clear guidance on how to translate rules into practice regarding CSR. The first step was taken when the government of Bangladesh recently endorsed the development of such guideline. The "National CSR Guideline for Bangladesh" will be developed by the CSR Centre.

The Danish Ambassador to Bangladesh, Hanne Fugl Eskjær, remarked that she is very proud that Denmark will take active part in the process and that CSR is a win-win situation for both business and society.

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