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Turning waste into environmental friendly energy

In May 2015, the International Finance Corporation (IFC) launched the Waste-to-Energy Scale Up Program funded by Denmark. The program aims to promote electricity generation from toxic chicken waste through use of biogas technology. The goal will be achieved through four initiatives.

The first step is to enhance the technical knowledge of poultry farms. The lack of awareness leads to non-installation or sub-optimal operation of waste-to-energy plants. The second stage is to facilitate a partnership between Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh and Aarhus University, Denmark. This collaboration will transfer knowledge from Denmark to Bangladesh on advanced biogas technology, and set up a Green Energy Knowledge Hub. Thirdly, finance options will be made available for the poultry farms to implement the waste-to-energy projects. Finally, the initiative will establish market linkages between multiple parties, including private businesses, the knowledge hub/centers, organic fertilizer companies and the poultry farms.

There is an enormous potential for generation of electricity from farm waste, and thereby reducing the emission of greenhouse gases. Bangladesh has about 110.000 poultry farms that generate 2 million tons of waste a year. The Waste-to-Energy Scale Up Program will reduce the risk of contamination from toxic waste, maximize profit from the chickens and provide a stable source of electricity for the farmers. This initiative will produce 11GWh/year of clean energy, and reduce the emission of 74,000 metric ton of greenhouse gas per year  

The Danish Embassy congratulates the International Finance Corporation on the launch, and encourages the use of clean energy to ensure a sustainable and green future for Bangladesh.