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Bangladesh Development Result highlighted in Danish Worlds Best News campaign

The World’s Best News is a unique collaboration between Danish development organisations, DANIDA and the UN in the communication of progress and outstanding results in develop cooperation. It is a true pleasure to announce that for a second year in a row one of the main development partnerships supported by Denmark in Bangladesh has been chosen by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs as an example of successful development cooperation.

Until October 10th three large banners will feature on the end wall of the Foreign Ministry in Copenhagen, one of which carry a joyful message from Bangladesh. In translation the banner says that with support from Denmark more Bangladeshis have learned the skill of breeding fish thereby improving the livelihood of 4 million people.  

Denmark has played an important role in a vast and innovative development cooperation, which has created a small fishing adventure in rural Bangladesh. It began using Danish know-how to develop small, efficient fish farms for rural workers. It multiplied the amount of fish and gave them both a better income and more food on the table. And the effect spread like wildfire: Now 4.4 million poor people have improved their livelihood facilitated by Danish support to the development of freshwater aquaculture.  

However, the success develops further: Danish companies provides support to the establishment of the first fish filleting plant in Bangladesh providing opportunities for a new strong source of export and job creation. The fish filleting plant is set to open in 2015.

At the Embassy of Denmark in Bangladesh we are very proud of the results and it is an honour to experience that the partnership is highlighted by the Foreign Ministry as one of the very best. For a picture of the banner please feel free to visit our Embassy’s Facebook page, here.

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