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New Strategy for Denmark's Development Cooperation: The Right to a Better Life

New Strategy for Denmark’s Development Coorporation

In May, the Danish Parliament unanimously endorsed the new strategy for Denmark’s development cooperation, ”The Right to a Better Life”.  The broad parliamentary support adds predictability to Danish priorities and emphasizes the strong political support for the new strategy. 

The focus in the new strategy is the four strategic priority areas:

  • Human Rights and Democracy
  • Green Growth
  • Social Progress
  • Stability and Protection

The priorities are interconnected and aim to enable Denmark to contribute its part in fighting poverty and promoting human rights.

The strategy’s overall key messages
Denmark wants to be a strong and trusted partner in international development and live up to our commitments to the world’s poorest. Danish development policy is a central element in Danish foreign policy and hence in Denmark’s global engagement. Our development policy should contribute to the creation of a world characterised by peace, security, an international legal order that promotes human rights, a stable world economy and joint solutions to global environmental, climate and health problems. To achieve this, the strategy’s key messages are:

  • Poverty must be fought with human rights and economic growth. Denmark will promote all human rights – civil and political as well as social, economic and cultural rights. Key is the empowerment of the poor to fight for their rights as active citizens – not passive recipients.’
  • Solid economic growth for many years is needed in order to fight poverty. Economic growth and jobs are central in the fight against poverty – but growth should be green and inclusive and benefit the poor. Denmark will work for sustainable and inclusive economic growth and employment creation, which will continue to be a core element in Denmark’s development cooperation. Growth should be green and promote social progress in order for it to contribute to improving the lives of poor people and their ability to claim/fight for their rights and improve their lives. 
  • All people have the right to a better life with equal opportunities. Human rights form the backbone of the strategy and Denmark will pursue a human rights-based approach to development. Human rights will guide the implementation and design of concrete Danish development interventions.
  • Denmark’s development policy is global in scope, but concrete efforts will be focused on the poorest countries, where needs are greatest and where Denmark can best make a difference.
  • Partnerships are vital for the implementation. Denmark will seek to build strong partnerships with our priority countries, the EU, multilateral and regional development institutions, new and emerging development partners, the private sector and civil society.
  • Increasingly use development cooperation as a catalyst for positive change. Recognising the diminishing role of traditional development finance, the catalytic role and potential for driving change targeted at the poorest is a comparative advantage of development cooperation.

Poverty must be fought with human rights and economic growth. This is the strong message from the strategy for Denmark’s development cooperation: The Right to a Better Life.

You can find the new delelopment cooporation strategy in the bar to the right.

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