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b'fair bike launch



The b’fair bike was launched on 29 April at the residence of the Ambassador - Hanne Fugl Eskjær.

The launch was joined by the Special Guest,  Honourable State Minister for the Ministry of Social Welfare Advocate Promod Mankin, M.P, who also gave a speech about the importance of bikes.
Ambassadors/High Commissioners/Heads of Mission from Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Turkey, France, UK and Canada were present at the launching event along with distinguished guests from Bangladesh.

The Danish Ambassador congratulated all concerned in the project mentioning that it incorporated three Danish values of biking, beautiful design and lastly CSR. She also talked about the long-standing and strong co-operation between Denmark and Bangladesh. The b’fair bike is produced in Bangladesh by Asian Nordic Group in cooperation with PRAN-RFL Group. It will be available in 29 European countries and the USA.

The b’fair bike is more than just a bike. It is a part of a sustainable program built on Fair Trade principles. It is environmentally friendly and supports vulnerable children’s schooling in Bangladesh. Each b’fair bike sold pays a child's schooling for one year including a meal per day.
The bike is designed by Tobias Jacobsen, the grandson of the famous Danish designer Arne Jakobsen. Danish bicycle engineer, Martin Sylvest is the technical engineer of the b’fair bike.