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Bangladesh development work chosen as case example for new Worlds Best News campaign

The World’s Best News is a unique collaboration between Danish development organizations, DANIDA and the UN in the communication of progress and good results in developing countries. It is a true pleasure to announce that one of the main development projects supported by Denmark in Bangladesh has been chosen by the Danish Ministry of Foreign as a case example of successful development.

From August 28th three large banners will adorn the end wall of the Foreign Ministry in Copenhagen, one of which will carry a joyful message from Bangladesh. In translation the banner says: “With the support from Denmark farmers in Bangladesh now master new technologies. Through this, 3 million people have got food security and larger income”.

During 5 years of DANIDA supported efforts, the project has focused on the education of poor and landless farmers. As a result of this the living conditions of 3 million people have significantly improved. The farmers have participated in special courses - "Farmer Field Schools" - in the villages and in the fields where they have learned about effective cultivation, production and marketing methods as well as about nutrition and hygiene. This means that they now earn more money on their agricultural and fishery products. On average, the annual income of the family has risen as much as 38 percent. The field schools have also created more employment, more and better food on the table and the cost of fighting diseases has been reduced. 500,000 farmers have taken part so far, but the entire family has benefitted from the project as well.

At the Embassy of Denmark in Bangladesh we are very proud of the results and it is an honor to experience that the project is highlighted by the Foreign Ministry as one of the very best in the world. Therefore the Embassy has decided to let a translated version of the banner in Copenhagen adorn one of Embassy walls in Dhaka as well.

See the pictures on the Embassy’s facebook site by clicking here.

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