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Strategic Sector Cooperation supported Masters students from DIFE to present research paper in Germany   

The Strategic Sector Cooperation (SSC) of the Embassy of Denmark in Bangladesh is a project with the Department of Inspection and Factories Establishments Bangladesh (DIFE) to strengthen Labour Inspection. Among other the project has supported four DIFE inspectors to pursue two-year Masters in Denmark. SSC promoted, selected and guided in the process of introducing the Masters education and selecting candidates. The DANIDA Fellowship Centre is sponsoring the education ( and taking care of all practicalities.

SSC is involved in offering 6 new master seats to DIFE inspectors from 2020 to 2022.

Two of the 2019 candidates, studying in MSc in Risk and Safety Management in Aalborg University, Esbjerg, Denmark, have an accepted research paper called "Risk Assessment and Cost benefit analysis of Occupational safety intervention of a Readymade garment factory-A Case Study of Bangladesh". The paper has been accepted for “29th European Safety and Reliability Conference-2019” in September this year in Leibniz University, Institute of Risk and Reliability, Hannover, Germany with the theme “Safe societies in a changing world”. Below is an abstract of the paper.

The paper starts off with analyzing the current risks by risk analysis tool to find out the probable causes and consequences if the risk still prevails along with possible control and preventive measures in order to mitigate those.

The 2nd Most important part is that we took a case of a Readymade Garment Factory who actually went for remediation in last year under remediation program and we conducted a Cost-Benefit Analysis of Safety Intervention of that Factory to see that” whether the safety intervention of that factory would bring any benefit or not?” The result shows that “Benefit outweighs its cost after remediation of the Factory which sets the ground that “cost of safe workplace is not an expenditure rather it’s a worthwhile investment for better sustainability.”

Authors of the paper:

Tawhid Hasan and Abdul Kaium are the main authors of the paper. Tawhid Hasan is Assistant Inspector General (Safety) and Abdul Kaium is working as Assistant Inspector General (General) in Department of Inspection for Factories and Establishments (DIFE), Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of People’s Republic of Bangladesh. They have other four co-authors from Danish Center for Risk and Safety Management, Department of Civil Engineering, Aalborg University, Esbjerg, Denmark.