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Embassy Staff

Mikael Hemniti Winther (2016)

Executive Assistant to Ambassador
Sonia Angela D'silva (2011)
Political Section

Deputy Head of Mission
Human Rights, Good Governance, Economic Diplomacy and Politics
Refika Hayta (2017)
Growth Counsellor
RMG, CSR & Occupational Safety and Health
Jens Rise Rasmussen (2015)

Programme Officer
Press & Communications 
Andreas Malmos Rasmussen (2017)

Development Section

Development Counsellor
Agriculture, Rural Roads, Climate, Water & Sanitation
Peter Bøgh Jensen (2015)
Agriculture & Livestock
Arifur Rahman Siddiqui (2018)
Senior Programme Officer
Human Rights & Governance
Mahal Aminuzzaman (1998)

Programme Officer
Development Cooperation
Farhana Ruma (1999)
Programme Officer
Climate, Water & Sanitation
Asif Aziz Khan (2014)

Trade Council and Danida Business

Commercial Counsellor
Trade Council/Danida Business
Jacob Kahl Jepsen (2017)
Senior Trade Adviser
Trade Section
Samina Ahsan Shahrukh (2010)
Trade Adviser
Trade Section
Saadia Taufiq (2014)

Trade Adviser
Trade Section
Tasmim Zahid Anwar (2013)

Finance and Administration Section

Senior HR & Admin Officer
Tahera Farhad (1988)

Chief Financial Officer (Local)
Sharif Ahmed (2001)

Accounts & Admin Officer
Mohammed Abdul Mannan (2013)
Admin & Archive Officer
Abu Jafar Al Mansur (2013)

Consular and Visa Section
Head of Consular and Visa Section
Anne Marie Christensen (2014)

Admin & Consular Officer
Charlotte Skovbo Clemensen (2017)

Visa Officers
Shaila Chowdhury (2015)
Rezia Malik (2015)

Shared Nordic Support Functions

Front Desk Officer
Ebarak Hossain (2015)

Technical Support Officer
Joseph Pallab Gomes (1995)

Kitchen Staff
Mukul Luice Gomes (1986)

Abdur Rouf (1996)
Md. Woliar Rahman Khan (1984)
Md. Nasir Uddin (2014)