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Read GMB Akash story series on the Embassy Facebook page


On Monday and twice a week onwards you can read a new series by famous photojournalist GMB Akash, at the Embassy’s Facebook page. The series titled Faces of Empowerment is portrayals of some of the poorest and most stigmatized people in Bangladesh.

In this green country, you can find gender-based violence, poverty and stigmatisation. But you also find happiness.

GMB Akash shows the faces and tells the stories of people who prevailed when life was almost unliveable. It is stories of injustice, torture and broken families, but it is also stories of salvation, strength and economic empowerment.

The first story is about Rotna from Rajshahi. The young woman endured mental and psychical abuse in the hands of her husband and her in-laws for years. With help from a One-Stop-Crisis Centre at the local public hospital, she managed to escape the violence. Her husband was brought to justice through the same One-Stop-Crisis Centre, which is supported by Danida. Today, Rotna owns a beauty parlour in her village and her children attend school.

Denmark has worked to eradicate poverty and promote basic human rights in rural Bangladesh since 1972. The stories and photgraphs can also be seen at La Galerie, Alliance Française de Dhaka in Dhanmondi. The exhibtion is open to all until 27 February 2018.