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Ambassador's greetings


It is a pleasure for me to welcome you to the website of the Danish Embassy in Bangladesh.

The main task of the Embassy is to maintain, strengthen and expand relations between Bangladesh and Denmark. This is primarily done through diplomatic communication from Government to Government, people to people communication and mutual co-operation between businesses, enterprises and private organisations.

I am pleased to note that the relations between Bangladesh and Denmark are not only long standing but also deep and broad. It is my intention to strengthen these relations even further.

Our website describes these relations in details. Here you can find description of the two countries, how to visit Denmark and what you can experience. There is detailed information about the Danish Development co-operation, Danida, which has an extensive geographical coverage in Bangladesh. The co-operation includes a number of vital sectors, and it builds on a long and strong relationship between our two countries.

The Embassy also works actively with Danish companies who are present in Bangladesh or wish to do business or invest in Bangladesh. Many Danish companies are already present in Bangladesh, and several new companies are showing interest in knowing more about the ample opportunities that are present here in Bangladesh. The Trade Council which is part of the Embassy is assisting in many of these endeavours.
On the website you can also meet all the staff of the Embassy and see what we are doing.
I hope that you will find the website useful and helpful. If you have any questions, kindly do not hesitate to write to us.

Mikael Hemniti Winther